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Constance – The business location

A location well worth investing

The international region of Lake Constance is considered to be one of the European regions of the future. It is one of the top engineering locations in Europe. A high percentage of small, flexible and highly specialized technology businesses combined with excellent services that strengthen the entire region and helps creating perfect conditions today and in the future. To act regionally always means to act internationally: cross border cooperations between Germany, Austria and Switzerland are one of the assets at Lake Constance. Constance has all the advantages of a high level centre, thanks to neighbouring Switzerland, renowned educational institutions and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Many international institutions in economy and research are based in Constance. A pleasant shopping atmosphere and the beautiful landscapes of the international Lake Constance region are characteristic of our city.

Constance is the biggest city at the lake, with more than 81.000 habitants, high economic power and an innovative environment. It is a modern technology and service location. The University Constance and the University of Applied Sciences play an important part in the future development with more than 12.000 students and highly qualified specialists. The service sector is leading the market with approximately 75%. New businesses are settling mostly in the technology field and are creating growth and innovations for our location. Qualified manpower also comes from neighbouring Switzerland, as well as international trade and spending power in the retail sector.

Business developement

Individual consulting and unbureaucratic support for more than 3000 old and new companies is available at the business development service. It helps with networking and location scouting, for example. Newly set up businesses are receiving aid and support in cooperation with the technology centre. Constance and the Lake Constance region is a modern high performance high-level centre with excellent infrastructure for investors and institutions. The business development service helps companies with administrational matters.

Technology Centre Constance (TZK)

The Technology Centre Constance (TZK) started out in July 1985. It was then one of the first technology and start-up centre in Germany. At the TZK, young start-ups and businesses in the field of technology and innovation will find the opportunity to realize their ideas and projects in inexpensive locations and in an interesting environment. The TZK is meeting point and information centre for all innovative businesses in the region. It builds networks and enhances business connections. 

Businesses at the TZK enjoy significant cost advantages thanks to below average rents and the joint use of infrastructure, a good address and the synergy effects of like-minded neighbours. Support from partners such as the University of Constance and the University of Applied Sciences, the Steinbeis Foundation, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Trade, business development of the city, as well as through the management, members and board of trustees of the Technology Centre numerous events and visiting companies and institutions offer opportunities to meet and to exchange information, and to build business relations.


Economic and entrepreneurial potential in the international Lake Constance region enhances the bio-technological development. Businesses in the field of biotechnology meet with university representatives on the occasion of the BioLAGO forum to exchange and discuss their ideas. The four main topics are: life sciences, consumer protection, health and bio-techno-logical environments. Advanced training plays an important part in this context. There are three different approaches: an easy  networking, an informal get-together of interested entrepreneurs, experts and researchers at the BioLAGO round table. Conferences and lectures open to the public as well as BioLAGO members, on general biotechnology subjects at the BioLAGO forum (science for citizens). Last but not least, fairs and special events to introduce BioLAGO, and workshops where businesses meet to talk about joint projects.

Already today, BioLAGO is a location asset for the city. In the future it will contribute to strengthen the attraction of our location versus other competing businesses. It will facilitate the implement of new biotech companies in Constance. The main condition is to offer needed space and real estate. The new centre of excellence for new technologies that has been built on the former Herosé area, represents a milestone in the right direction.


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